Dubai Dune Buggy

Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most visited spots in Dubai, where we have a lot of adventurous journeys for you to enjoy. One of these adventures is dune buggy Dubai which is an off road adventure in the desert.

First of all let us know about dune buggy it is an off road vehicle with big tyres, designed for sand adventures, with the design of a monster truck , just for recreational purposes. Driving this modified vehicle in the sands is an unforgettable adventure. The thing that made it special is that it provides a lot of excitement and raises our adrenaline. Every dune buggy is equipped with cage and bucket seats. Dune buggy offers comfort and safety. While traveling through these deserts you may come across wildlife and beautiful sunset sceneries. Dubai safari tour will let you try dune buggy safari and enjoy the desert.

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Our travel company provides best tour packages Dune Buggy tour. Dune buggy safaris are available both in the morning as well as in evening time. For larger group tailor made packages can also be arranged which will offer additional activities as well.


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