What is a Quad Bike?

The quad bike is a powerful 4 wheels bike. It is a four wheel vehicle weighing less then then 550kg and can only be driven by people above age 18. Quad bikes are developed for off road driving however, the quad bikes are not allowed to be drive on any public road. The history of quad bikes can be trace back to 1970 in which Honda start developing tri and four wheeler bike which were initially intended for farmers, shepherds and landowners for their working hours. The quad bikes are designed for off road use with special low pressure tires and mostly a rigid rear axle. The quads behave very differently than cars and motorcycles and can easily roll over if handled incorrectly.

quad bike


Our best and experienced and instructors will explain how to ride a quad bike and let you experience to the skills and confidence of your group to ensure you have the best experience.

Quad Biking in Dubai Dubai Desert

Quad biking in Dubai with Quad Bike Rental Dubai Company, will be a jaws dropping experience to share with your family and friends. It is a popular daytime hunt with all ages. Quads are one of the most promising events for people of all ages. The quad biking event in Dubai will be the best part of your tour of Dubai. The sunrise and sunset safari will let you experience a great adventure with speed.

Quad biking is the most exciting activity in the list. It is a desert safari experience that you should experience before returning home. Experience the pleasure of this adventure through the red dunes with quad bike rental. After the adventurous trip we provide a chance of henna painting, smoking, barbecue dinner, fire dance, tundra dance and magic show for the tourists. You don’t need to hurry up, you’ll be ready to use our quads with absolute ease as they come with a semi automatic pedal changing system. Tourists quad will be instruct how to control the machine by our professional instructors before the start of the session.

Safety measures for Quad biking in Dubai

Quad Biking goes without saying that such an activity should only be carried out with the wearing of a protective helmet. Quad biking becomes a messy activity with dust and mud. Therefore, wear suitable outdoor clothing with sturdy shoes so that you don’t mind getting messy.

Safety measures for Quad biking in Dubai.

Quad biking is a messy activity with dust and mud. Therefore, wear suitable outdoor clothing so that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. The Quad bike rental Dubai will provide a full safety kit with glasses and gloves upon arrival for the safety of our tourists. Our major highlights

  1. Safety Equipment’s.
  2. Experienced instructors
  3. Specialist Equipment
  4. Pick and drop facility.

Experience the unexplored thrill of driving a powerful quad bike through the golden dunes of Dubai. Our quad bike rental company for Dubai Desert Safari. Quad bike safari is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, especially for night quad bike safaris in the deserts.

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